Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Good bye 2014 ... Hello 2015

A Year End Post:

Bigyan natin ng isang magandang farewell party si 2014. Its been a roller coaster ride for me, ang daming loops, ang daming up and down at most of the time pa nga puro down lang. Pero kahit na its been a rough year for me there are many things that I should be thankful for and I should feel bless. 

Before 2013 ends I'm already broke, financially, emotionally, physically?!?! Basta! But nobody knows it, no one out to notice. So, maybe it was not a good start for me for the year 2014 and thus the chaos continues through out the year.

The earlier part of 2014 was a big struggle in my almost more than 2 years fairy tale love story. I will not tell all the details about it but all I can say this relationship taught me a lot of lessons and experiences that will help me to be a better version of me. 

It is raw and it is so damn real you want to run away just to soak it up and take it in. The soul mate. The one you feel vibrate when they are a thousand miles away. The one you hear whisper when they think about you. The one who lets you move freely but embraces your shadow from afar. That one. The one you feel like you have known for a million years.
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While I'm having a major heart break, family issues arises alongside at may humabol pa nga bago matapos ang taon. No one knows that I even suppressed my own happiness to resolve such issues. It is always family first motto. Calamities hit the country and even us experienced it. It was painful seeing your family in that situation. It was hard to see them suffer and made me realized that being heart broken is not the most painful thing you can experience in this world. 

Then there are my friends who had been struggling with their own issues too and being their best friend they counted on me and their struggles became mine too. At dahil tingin nila pusong bato ako they don't know that I'm having my own struggles too! Pero, keribels lang. They needed me!!! Si Superwoman nga daw ako. hahaha.... people at work...basta!!!

...and before the year ends another heart break, another family issues....what's new?!?! I'm almost used to it.

...All year round I'm almost like a walking zombie. Nobody knows that I'm struggling a lot inside, that I'm almost crying everyday, that I almost give up!!! But I'm proud to say that I know God is with me. He made me strong enough to face all those shits in my life. Even me can't believe how I managed to get through it, how I can just joke around about it. Maybe I should just be thankful that my Dear Lord gave me this strong personality and I should be thankful that He sends me people who gave me advises and comfort those crying days.

So, now instead of counting all those bad things that happened to me I will instead count all the blessings, experiences and lessons that I had this 2014. Also, I will take this opportunity to say "THANK YOU!!!" to all the people who never leave me in my journey.

First of all, I would like to thank my soul mate!!! hahaha...You know who you are! Though you have been my greatest heart break you know I still consider you as one of my trusted best friend. I still appreciate your friendship after all those shits that happened to us. Thank you for teaching me the real meaning of LOVE. Thank you for being part of me and letting me be part of yours as well. Thank you for making me realized my worth! I will still hire you to be my tour guide in Atacama and in Easter Island. hahaha...see you in the future! ;)

Next, to the 3 best people who have been my virtual confidant, since I'm too weak to show my real feelings in the real world they are the one who absorbs my crying moments. To my long-lost sister in Taiwan, my pretty dear Tin-ting Chu, I owe you big time!!! Thank you for being there, for being the median between me and him....hahaha....Thank you for trusting me, for sharing me your own life too. I'm still hoping I can visit you someday. Stay pretty always and keep the fighting spirit alive! :) ...To my Granny Goose (Papi Terrance) big thanks to you. I know you have been pissed with my bullying...hahaha...forgive me, you know it is just my way of showing how much I love you. But seriously, thank you for always being there, for the advises, for the not so kind words that stopped my craziness, for always making me smile. Thank you!!! I'm always including you in my prayers. I know you will be bless soon and your own struggles will be relieve too in God's will. Lastly, to my "BIG man", Gonzalo, thank you very much for being a good man. You never failed to put smile in my face. Thank you for everything. I will never forget your promise that you will adopt me when I became an old maid....hahaha....I will always be your little MJ forever. :)

To my all my real friends, you know who you are. I may not be able to mention all your name here but deep in my heart I'm always grateful that you have been part of my life and you made me your friends too. To all the people I've met in my gala moment / travels, thank you too. More gala to come and may we build real friendships too.

For the people who hate me. Thank you for always thinking about me. hahaha

For the people who think I hate them...uhmmmm...I love you all!!! hahaha

For the people hurt by my words or by actions please accept my sincere apology. SORRY!!! You know I'm just joking around most of the time and yes I admit sometimes I am really tactless. 

For the people who have done no good to me, to those who betrayed my trust, I already FORGIVEN you.

...and to 2014, THANK YOU!!! May you rest in peace! Please let 2015 give me a good year.

P.S. Dear friends...

Don't be makulit! Huwag n'yo ako pilitin magkwento. hahahaha. You know that I'm not good in telling my own stories. Basta pagnagyaya ako kumain or gumala samahan nyo na lang ako. Alam nyo na yun kung bakit. I just need to unwind. 

The Highlight of Year 2014 (yun mga tumatak sa isipan ko)

- Major Heart Break (hahaha...major talaga!!!)

- My First ever SOLO travel (in Bolinao, Pangasinan...soon I will blog it...pag sinipag...hehe)

- Ang Binondo and Si Meisum

- The controversial Enrichment Program in Patnanungan and Jomalig Island in Quezon Province

- Ang Bagyong Glenda

- D'Project in Patyay, Mayoyao, Ifugao / Meeting Andy in person / Meeting Dojie and adding as friend...hehehe / Meeting Ma'am Brenda and the people of Patyay and the Belinda Dance / Meeting Madz and family

- First Career Orientation Talk to High School Students (Akalain mo yun, ako nag-talk?!?! hahaha)

- First-time na Speaker in one of the Scholar's Assembly (nagiging madaldal na talaga ako...ginagawa na ko resource speaker :P )

- The lugaw in PUP / The Psycho Test

- The Malabon Food Tour / Meeting Sir Migz este Sir Jun in person (the crispy pata) / Adding April, Sir Librero and Boy 'kulit' Tokwa in the list of "new friends"

- I did something that I thought I cannot do (my deepest secret....wahahaha....huhuhuhu)

- Another heart break. (this time I'm the one who move away...I just wanted to make it right this time...nyahaha) far, that's all I can remember.....

Happy and Prosperous New Year Everyone!!!

See you again next year!!! :)

-----  Au revoir MJ 

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