Sunday, July 08, 2012

Nawawalang Paraiso...PCOS of You

Business with Pleasure :)

The Pleasure Side:

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ PCOS of you my life has changed thank you for the love and the joy you bring.....
        ..........   (guess who sang this song and for whom)

PCOS of you I've been at Nawawalang Paraiso..........
Nawawala nga ba? o Paraiso nga ba talaga?

     Nawawalang Paraiso is a resort and hotel nestled in Tayabas, Quezon, a few meters away from Graceland Estates and Country Club. I had a chance to stay here because of PCOS. For almost a week this resort serves us our shelter and venue for the rigorous training in operating the PCOS machine.


----- some of the facilities of Nawawalang Paraiso

              ----- there are numerous pool in the area, a playground and basketball court

----- the room where we stayed

----- some photo ops around the resort

                ---- in the playground (who belong with the elephants??? hehehe...)

                   ----- in the parking lot and in front of the hotel rooms

The Business Side:

     As chosen to be a BEI certifier we had to undergo rigorous training on operating the PCOS machine. We need to be an expert in using the machine, we need to be familiarized with its parts and how it will work, we have to memorized its process flow. We attended lectures and demonstrations. We even took written and practical exams. We have to do all of this to be credible to administer the written and practical examinations on PCOS operation to teachers who served as the BEI in the election.

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ PCOS of you my life has change.....
           ----This became our theme song during that time. We used to sing this song when we feel tired and bored during lectures and exams. Also, one of the boys in our group always sings this song to a girl he met during our training. (guess who he is...)

-----  our classmates during the training (all ears in the lecturer...serious mode)

----- Ms. Princess demonstrating how to used the KEY

 ----- the lecturer explaining something but I can't remember why I was looking at the back side of the room (huli sa akto di nakikinig....hehe)

----- while reviewing for the exams, serious mode parang exam lang sa Calculus at Trigonometry to ah....

----- and finally graduation time, of course we all passed in the examinations

DOST Team Quezon Certifiers with the Director of COMELEC-Quezon and lecturers

*** More of the PCOS machine on my next post......

-----   Au revoir.   :)  MJ


  1. Hindi halatang busy hahahaha

  2. hindi nga...hahaha....2:13 AM - Sunday ko nga to pinost eh...ano na sagot mo sa proposal ko? :D


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