Thursday, July 05, 2012

KFC's Cheese Top Burger : Epic Fail

Almost everyone craving for this.....

          ...........even me is guilty of it

     Who would not want to taste the new product of KFC with its mouth watering commercial that almost shown in every gap of your favorite Teleserye. Everyone was so curious what will be the difference if the cheese was put on top of the burger instead inside of it. 

---- and who would not crave for this???

------ really mouth watering for 50 pesos only, right?!?

     So me and my friends gave it a shot. We headed to the nearest KFC store in our area and ordered the most talk of the town burger. The trending topic in most of the social networking site like Facebook.

----- Some shared fun photo for this weird innovation of burger

what do you want for your burger?!?! :)

---- and now the most awaited taste testing of the new KFC's Cheese Top Burger

Look why is it an EPIC FAIL!!! (compare it to the advertisement picture above)

----- presenting the new KFC's Cheese Top Burger in REALITY

it will be serve like this....

with fries - 79 pesos only :)

 ----- with the RED circle on top of its wrapper, as if telling you that it is a Siopao Asado....hehe

....excited to open it? here how it really look like....

the SAD reality

------ the cheese on top was so thin, if you ate it while your eyes are closed you cannot notice there was a cheese on top

------- it was so dry, the garlic parmesan  dressing was just a guni-guni....wala talaga ako nalasahan....promise!!!

**** It was really a BIG never meets my expectations.....

According to Ate Jenny may nilabag na batas ang KFC: (Special mention ka na?!?!)

RA 7394 or the Consumer Act of the Philippines 

ARTICLE 112. Special Advertising Requirements for Food, Drug, Cosmetic, Device or Hazardous Substance – No person shall advertise any food, drug, cosmetic, device, or hazardous substance in a manner that in false impression regarding its character, value, quantity, composition, merit, safety.


"The more you expect, the more disappointed you will be, is that right?"

Note: Photos were just downloaded from the net. Thank you for those who have uploaded it. Sorry I forgot to captured my own burger because of the disappointment but I have to blog this to release and share my thoughts and feelings about the new talk of the town burger.

*** It's not my intention to damage the store reputation I just can't help myself not to write about it.

-----   Au revoir.   :)  MJ


  1. Di lang KFC ang ganyan, Try mo yung bago ng mcdonalds hahah natutuwa ka sa inis.

    1. really??? hmmm...buti na lang hindi ako natatakam dun. di ko na-itry :)


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