Friday, February 15, 2013

ADRENALINE RUSH: This is my thing

        For my 25 years of existence in this world I've done things that I thought I cannot do. (My alter ego contradict with this statement. She says, "Hey! Ever since you are a little you already have an adventurous and wild imagination. You even wanted to be an Astronomer and chase the aliens. Remember?!?!") Oh, yeah! Ok, Ok, I admit it...since then I love adventure and I'm looking for it. I love conquering my fears and it makes me stronger every time I succeed. I can scream like a freak while doing it and it gives me relief from stresses.

These are the things that make me whimper in my thought but then I go ahead and do it anyway:

1) Diving from a height
                       - jumped off 10-15ft high and took a plunge into the deep water of Imelda's Cave
Imelda's Cave in Marco's Island - Hundred Islands National Park, Pangasinan

enjoying the clear water of Imelda's Cave
2)  Kayaking under the sun's glare

                       - paddled from one island to another under the super hot hot hot summer weather.

amazing race under the sun :P
Where are we? There are no more Islets?!?!

3)  Bungy Trampoline

                       - no rest after the 5K run, lets do some more...
Look! I'm flying... :)
*** after this we still done the 5 minutes challenge in Treadmill and stationary bike just to get some freebies and standing for how many minutes in a queue for the photo booth..."this is what you called craziness"

4)  Spelunking (Cave Connection in Sagada)

                       - exploring the cave; squeezing body into flexible stones; rappelling without harness;  balancing in the slippery & muddy dance floor; walking in the edge of the cliff; swimming in the freezing cold pool; bruises & scratches;

it's safe...
getting into that small hole, where the stones are flexible (that's according to our guide)

this is not easy....wheeww
down down down

at the dance floor

5)  Wall Climbing, Zip lining, Rappelling

                       - all in one activities; I almost reached the goal, I was too confident watching the first batch before me saying to myself that it is easy but when I'm already climbing the wall it is not as easy as what I expected. Lesson learned: "Do not underestimate anything or anyone."

this is it...

6)  White Water Rafting (Upper Chico River, Tabuk)

                       - Our first whitewater rafting trip was such a blast! Forward paddle, Back paddle, Left Turn or Left Back, Right Turn or Right Back, Stop, High Side, Paddle Hard and the all time favorite "Get down"....those were the commands used in this activity. Being alert and conscious with the rapids or with your environment is the main key here for you to not fly out of the raft. I was so alert to get down every time I see the rapids and when I feel the current is strong and it all pays off I didn't fell into the water but I love the splashes of cold water in my face and skin as our raft get bumped and fight with the rapids. High Five!!! :)

The River seems so calm...
hoping the River will love us...
seeing that Rapids made us excited, anxious, whoooo...Lets get it on!!!

getting ready to get wet and :P
our guides and the raft (thank you guys for keeping us safe and for the wonderful adventure)
with Sir Steve (you can contact him if you want some adventure in Upper Chico River, Tabuk)

7)  Mountaineering, Trekking, Getting Lost in the woods

                       - walking in the rice fields; trekking in the forest; getting lost in the middle of nowhere; fighting with the wild plants; insects' bite; falling in love with nature...that's my "sweet scape" from stresses and noisy life in the city. (I don't know if it is sweet or sweat...hehe..)

breathing some fresh air after the long walk....

whheeewww...exhausting but fulfilling
when I was a boy...hahaha :)
in the middle of nowhere
a perfect staircase....
I will cross the ocean for you...hehehe

having some splash of cold water
Thanks God I'm still alive... :)
crossing the river with the very helpful walking stick... :)

8) Going down the falls (Pongas Extreme)

                       - after a long trek and crossing the river we go down the falls...Yes! I did it and I survived it! "Don't dare me! Right?!?!" :P

                                                         Pongas Falls...Imagine how we get down there....
jumping down?!?! :P
see those people, they look like ants from our view point
no more turning back...this is it!

praying that the nature will be good to me :)
enjoying the cold water of the falls after that death defying activities...

9) Thrill Rides at Enchanted Kingdom

                       - Roller Coaster, Space Shuttle Max, Anchors Away, Rio grande Rapids, Jungle Log Jam, Wheel of Fate, Flying Fiesta, you name it and I already tried it....even the kiddie :P

Anchors Away
Screaming like a freak

whatttaaa ride!!!!

Space Shuttle Max
Jungle Log Jam
Wheel of Fate

10) Run, Forrest. Run!

                       - 5K, 10K, walkathon...this made me physically fit (before)...running made me feel free and alive!!! I want to do this again, I hope the laziness in me will go away.
first fun warm up...hahaha
arribalet'srun...Letran, Calamba fun run for scholarhsip
finished the 10K with a SMILE :)
Nike We Run Manila 2011
SAPPHIRE Run = Save And Protect Philippine Resource

I always like seeing this signage every run
The Famous MILO Marathon....and we beat the time
RunUnited2 2011 - w/ Coach Rio, My Ultimate Crush in running...hahaha

     There are still many things in my bucket list that I wanted to try. Adventures that are really death defying and thrilling. I want to try Sky Diving, Bungee Jumping, Free Fall, Swimming with the Sharks, Diving, Exploring the World under the Sea, Trying the Highest Roller Coaster Ride, Surfing, etc....

     So, you still wanted to ask me for a date?!?! Sure, as long as you can do what I love to do. ;)

-----  Au revoir MJ 

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