Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hidden Garden with ♥♥♥

       Hidden Garden is located in the heart of Vigan City. What really brought us here was the mouth-watering picture of Halo-halo that one of my friend saw during her food research in the planning stage of this trip. Well, it really look good in the picture and all reviews are positive. So, time for us to do the verdict but let us first have some tour inside the Hidden Garden.

     At the entrance of this beautiful garden/ restaurant is a mini museum, where different superb potteries, figurines and potted plants are displayed. There is also a celebrity corner where pictures of their famous costumers are hanged. I can only remember Donaire the boxer....hehehe...now I'm wondering if the owner also hanged our picture there, since he asked us to e-mail the photo to him (feeling celebrity)...hahaha 

(from top left to right) Celebrity Corner, Religious Figurines Display, Potteries Display, The Lover's Corner (but I guess its a Kalesa turned into chair), Small Altar, Entrance Signage, The wishing well with the Frog Prince, Christmas Tree made from pots, Display of potted plants / Bonsai.
     While strolling around Hidden Garden I have realized that it is not really just a garden or a typical restaurant and it is not only the famous Halo-halo that you can enjoy here. Everyone of all ages will enjoy going around here while waiting for their orders.

For the plant lovers....

      They can go around and check the wide variety of potted plants and bonsai. I bet when they come back they already bought something for their garden at home. Yes, those plants are for sale for very affordable prices.

     While walking around their garden and you are eating don't forget to use the trash can properly. Gets mo?!?! hehehehe.....

For animal lovers....
      There is a mini zoo. You can see cages of birds and some exotic animals around the garden and don't forget to look for this Snobbish Mayna. (talk to her to find out why....hehehehe)

For food trippers....

     Since we only ordered Halo-halo here we just took a photo of the menu. Almost all Ilocano dishes are on their menu in affordable prices so you can enjoy your food trips here.

its Halo-halo time...and the verdict.....

     Lets give them "A" for the presentation. They serve it in a coconut-shell (very pinoy style), colorful toppings, generous ingredients. Looks really yummy ayt?!?!
      and the taste..... AWESOME!!! HEAVEN!!! This is what you called "SULIT' hehehe..... This is so far the BEST halo-halo I ever had.  All the flavors of the ingredient in the coconut shell bowl compliment each other. The melon flavor ice cream give extra twist to the flavor.

This is the Halo-halo life cycle.....
Simu't sarap!!! :)
      We obviously enjoyed this one....

    When we are almost done one guy approached us, maybe because we are a bit noisy??!?! hahaha....but he introduced himself as the owner of the Hidden Garden and asked for some photo opp (feeling celeb). So, this was the picture I mentioned earlier that he asked us to email a copy to him. If you see this in their Celebrity Corner let me know....hahaha :P 
      Maybe because we are too obvious that we enjoyed the halo-halo and our staying in his place that's why he approached us. But in all fairness he is very accommodating, humble and a funny guy. Hope to meet you again sir. :)

 >>>> Since we enjoyed the place of course expect for more photo shoot/ camwhoring  .....hahahaha
In every corner of Hidden Garden....

 oohhh...someone committed a suicide here

mga sadyang chismosa lang... :P
 and the "Isang Linggong Pag-ibig" started here....

ang sadyang maharot na lalaki....hahaha

 The ultimate pang-teleserye and pang-baliwan poses ......hahaha

     That's all for our halo-halo trip in Hidden Garden. Make sure you include this place in your Ilocandia/ Vigan adventure. Next stop 'Bahay ni Lola for the free lunch.....hahaha

part of the Biyahilo sa Norte - Escaped in Region 1

-----  Au revoir MJ 

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