Friday, February 28, 2014

Picturesque Calle Crisologo: No Filter!!!

     The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear Vigan City is the Spanish-style houses and buildings in the cobblestone road of Calle Crisologo. This well preserved street has been declared a World Heritage Site because it retains its look and feel from the Spanish colonial period. Though it is located in the city center, only calesas and people are allowed to traverse in the road. At daytime, you'll see souvenir shops along Calle Crisologo. Some of the century old houses with stunning architecture were transformed into commercial shops, hotels and restaurants. 

     You must explore Calle Crisologo by either walking or renting a calesa to get the complete experience.

>>>>The postcard perfect Calle Crisologo<<<<

     Calle Crisologo was named after Mena Pecson Crisologo, an Ilocano writer and politician. Crisologo is also known as the Ilocano's Shakespeare.
early morning strolling
picturesque Mestizo District
some of the old houses transformed to souvenir shops
 >>>>The Calesas (Kalesa)<<<<

     A Calesa (also caritela/karitela) looks like an inclined cart, and is drawn by a single horse used in the Philippines. It was one mode of transportation introduced to the islands in the 18th century by Spanish colonisers, and was initially reserved for only nobles and high-ranking civic officials. These are today rarely used in the streets except in the tourist areas of old cities and some rural areas.
The Calesa
  >>>>The Souvenir & Antique Shops<<<<

     It is always expected in every trip that we buy "pasalubong" for our family, friends, love ones, etc. so it is good that some of the old houses in Calle Crisologo were transformed to commercial shops. You can already do your shopping while you stroll along the streets since almost all the authentic products Vigan is known for are available in every shop. 

Trying the "Salakot"
they've got it all for you...hehehe
Ref Magnets

      But if you are looking for authentic shopping finds at the best possible price for your pocket, the best place to go is to the public market. This is where you can find good stuff at affordable prices specially made by the locals. Shoppers can buy local crafts, food and almost anything else that are offered in Calle Crisologo at a much cheaper price. One must remember though that only cash is accepted and haggling is okay. Vigan’s Public Market can be found within proximity of the Partas Bus Station. You can reach it by riding a tricycle or a calesa.

 >>>>My favorite postcard shot<<<<
The Iconic street + Emoterang Frogs = Postcard perfect

Next time you set your foot here do your own iconic pose too.  ;)

part of the Biyahilo sa Norte - Escaped in Region 1

-----  Au revoir MJ 


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