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History 101 at Crisologo Museum

     After our tour in Baluarte we headed back to the city and our first stop is Crisologo Museum. The Crisologo Museum is found on De Los Reyes Street in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, the street after Crisologo Street coming from the Vigan Cathedral. Actually, we never planned to go here but since it's still early and we really don't know where to go next, so we just decided to enter the old house converted into museum in memory of Floro Crisologo. There is no entrance fee here but there is a donation box that will help in maintaining the museum and a very sweet old lady will be your tour guide (I forgot her name). She will explain to you everything about the house and the history behind it and the family who once lived here.

... so who is Floro Crisologo?!?!?!

      Floro Crisologo was a congressman who worked towards the ratification of the Tobacco Law and the establishment of Social Security System (SSS). He also authored the laws behind the creation of the North’s first state university, the University of Northern Philippines. In October 18, 1970, Floro Crisologo was standing in the communion line in Vigan Cathedral when a lone gunman entered the church and shot him in the head. The gunman escaped during the panic and the case is still unsolved up to now. It is believed that it’s politically motivated.
     At the entrance of the museum I noticed a small plant and then a signage explaining what it is and where the word Vigan came from.

 The Bigaa plant that was common on the banks of Vigan when Spanish came.
     The Crisologo mansion is consists of a large, old, solidly-built 2-storey structure with a ground floor made of brick. The walls of the ground floor are thick and the windows have iron and steel grills. On the other hand, the upper floor is made of concrete and hardwood and has colintipay windows.

     This lady is the caretaker of the house and will serves as your tour guide. She will answers all your questions regarding the house and the family very eagerly.

>>>FIRST FLOOR<<<     

     The first floor of the house contains a collection of antiques, heirloom furnishings, family memorabilia, vehicles used by the family, book collection, numerous news clipping about Crisologo's assassination.
some of the old vehicles used by the family; different kind or types of carriage;
Cong. Crisologo and his certificate of recognition & awards; old maps; news clipping;
The Library....
Book Collection; Pictures of the Past Presidents of the RP and of some National Heroes;
    The Museum....
     The central display of the museum focuses on the patriarch’s 1970 assassination. It includes the unwashed pants and shoes that Crisologo had been wearing when he was shot, with his bloodstains still visible. Black-and-white photographs of the incident are displayed above the clothes. There are also scrapbooks of clippings about the members of the Crisologo family starting from the 1950s.

Some equipments for farming and fishing...

The Office...
the desk used by Crisologo during his term as congressman

the grand staircase
The receiving area ("Bulwagan" am I right?!?!)

       maybe numerous party, celebrations, meetings and/or gatherings were already held here......
well ventilated because of the numerous big windows around the room

The Bedrooms....
antique beds
collection of perfumes

     One may enter the master’s bedroom and open the cabinets and view the family's clothing, shoes and other private possessions. It is kinda creepy looking at them, I'm imaging old horror films so I just glanced at them and not really intruded, I felt that the family was watching us that time.

The Kitchen....

Old Refrigerator and other old tools used in cooking
The Dining Area.....

Long Dining Table
Porcelain Display and Statue of an Igorot Lady
The other corner of the house.......

I guess this is there entertainment area; An old piano and stereo...
Family Memorabilia

they love table and chairs
some of the antiques

     Don't forget not to include in your itinerary the Crisologo Museum because you will learn a lot about our history and the house will be your time machine to time travel into the past. It is also good to be knowledgeable about the places we visited.

part of the Biyahilo sa Norte - Escaped in Region 1

-----  Au revoir MJ 


  1. I got goosebumps when i saw the history with the news and how crisologo died. creepy.

    1. Thanks Ms. Ann :)

      Mas creepy ang pakiramdam pagbukas mo ng mga cabinet nila..parang yun sa conjuring lang ang peg...hehehe

  2. eto ang pamilyang maiimpluwensiya dati noon sa ilocos ayon sa mga kwento ng mga tito at tita ko parang singson noong araw...

    1. Thanks :)

      yeah, sila ang may baluarte noon sa Vigan.... very influential family... :)


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