Thursday, January 23, 2014

Baluarte - An Afternoon with the Animals

     After our lavish lunch we headed to Baluarte, it is an 80 hectares Zoological Park owned by Gov. Chavit Singson and 10 minutes away from Vigan City proper. It’s open everyday to the public for FREE from 7am to 6pm. You can also take ride (a mini kalesa pulled by small horse) and use the picnic area for FREE. Baluarte is the most famous zoo in the northern.

from afar
zoom version
     That is a BIG signage of  BALUARTE that is very visible at the entrance and located at the heart of the park. Because this was the first thing that caught our eyes, we did not waste anytime to have some photo opp......

     After this photo opp we went around the area and we noticed that this is not a usual zoo park where we usually see cages, pens and fences to protect the animals or the guests from the animals. A lot of animals (except for the wild ones of course) actually roam free within the walk areas as the guests. 

     Actually one of the ostrich blocked our way so we had a chance to see it up-close and personal. A first time for all of us so we had some tricks to have a photo opp with this ostrich.
where she really belong...
up-close and personal
     Other animals you will see around are Fish, Tigers, Monkeys, Camels, Deer, Different kinds of birds (Ostriches, Parrots, Peacocks, Eagles and more), Snakes (Pythons, and others), Iguanas and there is also a Butterfly  Garden and more.....

     There is also a Live Animal Shows and it's for FREE again. Not only do you get to learn about the animals, also animal care, science and conservation. They also ask some volunteers from the audiences to participate in the show and had a chance to touch and see up-close the animals.
the brave volunteers
     After the Live Animal Show they let the guests have some photo opp with the tiger this time its not free. Since it was not free, a long line of guests are waiting and some of my friends are afraid to go near we didn't bother to line up instead we had our own photo opp for free.
we are good in camera tricks, ayt?!?!
Here are some of the animals that we inside the zoo.......
Fishes swimming with the "V"
The small horse that pull small carriage that can ride around Baluarte and its for FREE....

and there are DINOSAURS...of course not alive.... hehehe

and there is also a YELLOW SUBMARINE on the way to exit

That ends our BALUARTE tour....

For more info about Baluarte you can visit their website here:

-----  Au revoir MJ 

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