Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Free Lunch sa Bahay ni Lola

     I already mentioned in my post about our Food Trip  in the Vigan City plaza that a friend's friend/ colleague offered to help us to go around the city by letting his cousin to be our tour guide/ driver and have a free lunch in their ancestor's home. So, of course we say YES to the free lunch that's why you can noticed in my previous post that we only ordered halo-halo in Hidden Garden because we already know that there was a good lunch waiting for us.

     So after our tour in Hidden Garden, Kuya brought us to their home and introduce us to Lola and show us around their home.

     This is not the house but the school next to their front yard....(we don't have a picture of the whole house...too busy thinking of our lunch...)

    and there is a tree that look like a cactus or whatever it is in the center of their front yard......

   and on the backyard is a mini farm with different fruit bearing tress, vegetables garden, poultry, piggery,  and a wide space for playing, for running.....

           and inside the house.... of course we had our crazy poses as always
     That is Lola the one in gray dress with her shades and her english tounge... "nose bleed" ....and you see the little fella in the green motorcycle?!?! yeah, he really look amused or amazed or confused with us....maybe the this little kid was thinking if we are aliens.....hahahaha

        and when the lunch is ready....look what they prepared for us :)
       There were fish, bagnet, vigan longganisa, veggies, fruits for dessert and everything were FREE and YUMMY!!! We really enjoyed our lunch here while Lola telling us stories of her adventures and giving us advices where to go and what to do next.

     After the yummy lunch we didn't stop.... we invaded there backyard, we picked some mangoes and kaimito or star apple.

      and I don't know how many kilos we had here....

.... the backyard...
   ....the front yard.... hahahaha

     We surely had a great afternoon here. We filled their yard with laughter and craziness. After we re-charged time for our next destination - "Baluarte".

-----  Au revoir MJ 

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